OVAL Hits CES 2021 With 5 Sensor, Camera-Free Smart Home Protection

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OVAL Digital, Inc. is back at CES for 2021 with its new 5-sensor Smart Home, an all-in-one protection system.

For clarity, the OVAL Smart Home is effectively a camera-free and mic-free way to monitor temperature, humidity, water, light, and motion. Those metrics are, in turn, utilized to detect a plethora of potential in-home issues. According to the company, that’s for everything from open windows to water leaks. With the overall goal of preventing “theft, accidents, and property damage” as well as helping to conserve energy and provide general peace of mind.

So, what exactly is OVAL Smart Home, and what does its sensor do?

As shown at CES 2021, OVAL Smart Home is a 5-in-1 inclusive sensor array packed into a single device. The bundle comes with two smart home sensors and a hub. Or buyers can pick up extra hubs and sensors to set up their own assortment of detectors. The stick-up style sensors are battery-powered and, once installed, detect the above-mentioned aspects of the room or area they’ve been placed in.


By detecting those metrics, OVAL sensors are able to provide data points for users for short or long-term trends and environmental anomaly tracking. OVAL’s hub sends those via an alert to users via the associated app, with the added ability to share alerts with multiple contacts. OVAL forwards alerts to contacts via push notification, text, email, or call. And users can, of course, monitor rooms directly in the app.

OVAL is also compatible with smart speakers and other smart home products via IFTTT. And that lets users automate their smart home environment based on readings from the OVAL sensors. As well as interacting with OVAL Smart Home via voice.

In addition to working as a protective and monitoring measure for homeowners, OVAL is uniquely positioned due to its decision not to use cameras or mics. Namely, the company and its sensors are part of the Upward Labs PropTech program. Making them a perfect option for landlords, property owners, and insurers, according to the company. More specifically, when it comes to real-time monitoring and property protection.

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You can buy OVAL Smart Home sensors, hubs, and packages now

Now, OVAL Smart Home and its components are already up for sale on Amazon in the US and at the company’s site. As noted above, there is a bundle for those just getting started as well as standalone components. With the latter filling in for those looking to expand an existing set-up. OVAL priced its bundle to move at $199.99. Extra sensors will cost $79.99 while the required central hub costs $99.99.

OVAL will expand to further regions via throughout 2021.