Otter Partners With Google Meet To Launch Live Transcription

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Otter has launched a live transcription service to come with Google Meet. As reported by Engadget this allows users to access interactive transcripts which also facilitate collaboration post the meeting.

With so many of us plunged into some form of lockdown or homeworking being able to operate effectively from home has become essential.

WhatsApp reported this over the new years’ period when they reported a record number of calls. The company has seen spikes in activity since March and put this surge down to people apart trying to connect.


In a working sense, many of us have turned to apps such as Zoom and Signal as well as other video chatting platforms. However, an investigation conducted Google’s Project Zero security team has found a worrying amount of security issues with these platforms.

Ways to make video conferencing simpler to use and more innovate will always be welcome in this time. Google Meet bringing in live transcriptions could be a game-changer when it comes to video conferencing.

Google Meet launches live transcriptions with Otter

Otter currently offers low-cost transcription services using AI technology. Now it has partnered with Google Meets to allow users to access live notes and captions.


Users will only require a Chrome extension to access this new feature. Otter boast that this feature is interactive, which means transcripts are editable. The company claims that this makes it a perfect tool for collaboration once the meeting has finished.

Otter has made a range of claims about the new feature in their video and in a press release. The company says that this makes recording meetings much easier. This feature is therefore designed to help avoid any confusion later on.

The feature should also help though with accessibility requirements. An additional tool for those that need it. The main claim though is the fact that the system is editable. This means that even if your speech is not recognised by the AI you can easily amend any issues.


This could be quite important as it is well-known that Otter is not the most accurate model around. However, with that ability to edit live that should be less of an issue.

Instead, this should be seen more as a quick and easy solution as opposed to a more complex one based heavily on accuracy. For many this feature could quickly become essential, especially seeing as most of us will continue to work home for the foreseeable future.