OnePlus 9 Pro Will Offer Faster Wireless Charging Than Its Predecessor

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The OnePlus 9 Pro will offer faster wireless charging than its predecessor, the OnePlus 8 Pro. This information has been released by Max Jambor, a well-known tipster. Mr. Jambor usually releases a ton of information on upcoming OnePlus products, and the OnePlus 9 series is no exception.

The OnePlus 9 Pro will offer faster charging than the OnePlus 8 Pro

He shared the information via the ‘Voice’ platform, confirming that the OnePlus 9 Pro will support 45W wireless charging. As a reminder, the OnePlus 8 Pro is the only other OnePlus handset that offers wireless charging. That handset offers 30W wireless charging via a proprietary charger.

45W charging


To make things even more interesting, Mr. Jambor also confirmed that the regular OnePlus 9 will also offer wireless charging. Now, chances are it won’t be as far as the one on the OnePlus 9 Pro, though.

The regular OnePlus 9 will also offer wireless charging

The OnePlus 9 may offer 30W fast wireless charging as the OnePlus 8 Pro. If not, there’s a chance 15W wireless charging may be included, though that won’t be the company’s proprietary charging then. It’s most likely we’ll see 30W wireless charging on the device.

Regarding the 45W wireless charging on the OnePlus 9 Pro, chances are OnePlus will release a new wireless charger. Chances are we’ll get the same tech as with the previous wireless charger, but faster speeds.


That means that the upcoming charger will likely have a fan built into it. We’re only guessing, here, though, it remains to be seen what will happen.

If the OnePlus 9 ends up offering 30W wireless charging, that will be more than fast enough for most people. Quite a few OnePlus smartphones supported 30W fast wired charging, including both the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. The OnePlus 8T upped the ante to 65W, though.

The ‘Pro’ variant is likely to offer 65W fast wired charging

The OnePlus 9 Pro will likely offer that very same 65W fast wired charging, as the OnePlus 8T. The charging on the 8T is blazing fast, so OnePlus probably won’t increase the speed even further this time around.