New OnePlus 8T Update Is Here To Fix Issues The Previous One Brought

Oneplus 8T AM AH 15

The OnePlus 8T is now getting a new update which is supposed to fix the issues the last one inflicted. For those of you who are out of the loop, OnePlus started rolling out an update for the OnePlus 8T at the end of last year.

We’re talking about the OxygenOS / update, depending on the region. That was a global update, and soon after users started installing it, bug reports started popping up.

This hotfix OnePlus 8T update fixes the issues the last one brought

A couple of annoying bugs were spotted in the update, by the users. Broken audio and video playback was reported. This was affecting the entire device, so, if you tried to play a media file using YouTube, for example, it would stutter quite a bit.


Other users experienced general slowness when it comes to performance, and the same goes for random freezes. Thankfully, such issues did not bother everyone, but OnePlus was still prompted to act fast.

It took the company about a week to release a bug-fixing update, but it finally did. This new update is basically a hotfix update, so it brings the same changelog as the last one, and it’s the same version as well.

This update should fix all the bugs that the last one brought, essentially. So, if you’ve installed OxygenOS / when it first started rolling out, you should install this one as soon as possible.

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Quite a few optimizations have been introduced with the update

In terms of the changelog itself, there are quite a few entries here we’ve already talked about. OnePlus has optimized full-screen gestures, and the performance of the fingerprint scanner. IT also added a new keyboard height adjustment feature.

A new security patch has been introduced as well, while the update also improved the performance of Nightscape. Some WiFi connection issues were fixed, and a couple of more things. If you’d like to check out the original update article we published, click here.