New OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro Update Introduces Many Fixes & A New Feature

OnePlus 8 Pro 1 AM AH 5

OnePlus has started rolling out a new update for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. In both cases, the is marked as OxygenOS, and the update is mainly for devices in Europe and India.

There are quite a few changes listed in the changelog. These are mainly fixes and optimizations, but there is one new feature mentioned as well, so we’ll start with that.

The OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro update brings quite a few fixes, and one new feature

That feature regards the keyboard on the device. OnePlus has added a keyboard height adjustment where you can raise or hide the bottom shortcut bar for a better input experience.


You can access this feature by going to Settings -> System -> Language & input, and then tapping the ‘Keyboard height adjustment’ option. This is a relatively small change, but a welcomed one.

The company has also fixed the alarm clock, as in some cases it started “abnormally”. The auto rotation has also been fixed, as it didn’t work properly in some isolated cases.

A rather notable OnePlus Gallery issue has been fixed

OnePlus have been having issues with its Gallery app for quite some time now. On some devices, the Gallery refused to show all the images. That issue has been popping up from time to time over the last year or two.

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That being said, it should be fixed now, at least on the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. In regards to Bluetooth, the company fixed the small probability issue that no pop-up window shows up when connecting Bluetooth headset.

Some OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro users experienced issues with the WiFi connection, as it didn’t work in specific situations. Well, the company did its best to amend that issue as well.

The OnePlus Store has been added to devices for the Indian market. Via that app, you can easily access your OnePlus account, get easy-to-access support, and so on. Do note that this app can be removed, though, and it hasn’t been added in Europe.


This update is rolling out as we speak, but it’s rolling out in stages. That means that not all of you will get it straight away. It may take a week or two to arrive to everyone, so be patient.