You Can Now Use Your PS5 Controller With NVIDIA SHIELD TV

SHIELD TV PS5 Controller

Gamers rejoice, because you can now use your PS5 DualSense controller with your NVIDIA SHIELD TV. NVIDIA confirmed this afternoon that support for the PS5 controller was being added to the SHIELD TV as part of an update.

The SHIELD software should bring your unit up to version 8.2.2. Allowing you to pair the DualSense to the SHIELD TV unit.

It was of course already possible to play games on NVIDIA SHIELD with the hardware’s own controller. But if you prefer the formfactor of Sony’s new controller over NVIDIA’s, gaming is about to get a whole lot better for you.


The SHIELD TV update will support both the PS5 controller and Xbox controller

In addition to supporting the DualSense, the update today also supports the new Xbox wireless controller for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Meaning you can pair either or to the SHIELD TV and play games both from GeForce NOW or from Android. The DualSense controller has been confirmed to work with Android devices since before the PS5 launched.

So it only makes sense that it would work the NVIDIA SHIELD TV for Android-based games. The more interesting bit is the compatibility with GeForce NOW. With support for it being available as of this update, you can likely use the DualSense with GeForce NOW on other devices too.


Whether those devices be Android phones, laptops, or desktops. Pairing is also rather easy. First users need to enter the Bluetooth pairing option on the NVIDIAL SHIELD TV.

Afterward they will need to enter pairing mode on whichever controller they choose to use with the system.

The new update also adds support for Control4 smart home devices

In addition to support for new controllers, the update also includes support for smart home devices from Control4.


Specifically, NVIDIA mentions the Control4 smart remote. If you have one of these you can use it to navigate through the menus on the SHIELD TV. You can also use the Control4 app if you prefer. NVIDIA says you can also use this to launch apps that are directly installed on the SHIELD TV unit.

This, along with the support for PS5 and Xbox wireless controllers should be starting to reach users as of today. But the update will take a few days before it’s rolled out to everyone.

If you don’t see the capability to use these new features, the update simply hasn’t hit your device yet.