More People Globally Can Play Games Through GeForce NOW Soon

GeForce NOW Key Visual

NVIDIA is pushing an expansion of GeForce NOW today which will let more people across the world play games through the could gaming service.

GeForce NOW started in a decent amount of territories during its initial launch. But it’s still not available in all or most major countries. Today that changes as NVIDIA has confirmed that expansion of GeForce NOW will be opening up the service to three more regions soon.

The service is not yet live in the new territories as of today. But it will be launching officially in the near future. So the wait is almost over for gamers in these areas.


NVIDIA GeForce NOW expansion will see the service land in Australia, Turkey, & Saudi Arabia

In addition to everywhere GeForce NOW is already available, NVIDIA will be adding three more countries to the list in the near future.

This includes Australia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Though as mentioned above the service is not yet live in those regions. NVIDIA doesn’t give any specific dates as to when the service will launch for these new territories. But for customers in any of the three new regions, it’s worth keeping an eye out for accessibility.

In the past few months, NVIDIA has been strengthening GeForce NOW’s presence and value. Not only by expanding to new territories, but also by opening the service up to new platforms.


Initially, GeForce NOW was only available through Windows-based desktop and laptop PCs as well as Android devices. Following those platforms, NVIDIA pushed out compatibility for iOS devices and Chrome OS. Meaning your Chromebook could now be your hub for both GeForce NOW and Stadia.

New GeForce NOW Alliance partners make this possible

While cloud gaming doesn’t necessarily need the absolute fastest internet available to work properly, the faster the better.

Not all regions around the globe have access to reliable internet, though. So for NVIDIA, expanding GeForce NOW to new countries that might fit into this category was made possible by making new partners.


NVIDIA says that new GeForce NOW Alliance partners made the launch in new regions possible. Noting that its new partners include Turkcell in Turkey, Pentanet in Australia, and Zain KSA in Saudi Arabia.

Other Alliance partners include Softbank, KDDI, LG UPlus, Taiwan Mobile, and GFN RU. GeForce NOW also supports multiple types of peripherals, including PlayStation and Xbox controllers, the Razer Kishi, mouse and keyboard, and more.

So you should be prepared to play no matter what device type you’re playing games on.


NVIDIA GeForce NOW Expansion