Let Netflix Pick Your Next Obsession With Its Shuffle Play Feature

Netflix AH NS 01

Netflix thinks it has the cure to what ails your aimless scrolling woes thanks to a new feature called Shuffle Play. With this feature, Netflix can essentially pick your next viewing obsession.

Thus relieving you of the horrors of trying decide on what to watch. Why? Because there are few things more annoying or capable of killing enjoyment than scrolling for two hours through a massive Netflix library trying to settle on something to watch. It’s about as bad as asking someone what they want to eat and getting the “I don’t know, whatever is fine” response. Leading you to suggest numerous possible options that are immediately shot down.

Jokes aside, Netflix is trying to put a new spin on finding something new to watch on its service. And Shuffle Play just might help.

The Netflix Shuffle Play feature is arriving later this year

The feature probably sounds great and if you feel like letting Netflix take the wheel, you’ll be able to relinquish control sometime later in 2021.


Netflix COO Greg Peters has confirmed that the company will push the feature out to all subscribers in the first half of this year. Which means it should arrive by July. But as always this is an expected time frame that’s part of Netflix’ game plan. And things could always change.

That being said, Netflix knows that its large library of content can sometimes make it difficult to pick something to watch. Shuffle Play is supposed to remove some of that difficulty. So it will likely launch on time.

And who knows, you might even grow to love the new feature. As it could help you discover new things you may have otherwise skipped. Peters says Shuffle Play will be a permanent feature too. So once it arrives it’ll be sticking around for good.

Shuffle Play is already in testing

The key thing about Shuffle Play’s future rollout is that it’s already in testing with some subscribers. So when it’s fully launched later this year, it’ll be a launch for everyone.


What isn’t mentioned is whether or not Netflix plans to roll it out across all platforms. Or at least more than one. Meaning web, mobile, console, and connected TV apps simultaneously. As opposed to just one of them initially.

While this is no doubt going to be good for many users, it’s also going to be good for Netflix. Because it will have a better chance at keeping subscribers around if it can get them to enjoy new content.