Motorola Demonstrates Its Own Air Charging Technology

Motorola phone logo 02 DG AH 2020

Earlier today, we talked about the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology, and at basically the same time, Motorola has decided to show off its own air charging technology.

Motorola air charging can charge two devices simultaneously, while being up to 100cm away

The company shared a video via Weibo, a Chinese social media network. It showed off its new wireless charging technology, which can charge a device even if it’s not placed on a charger. The device can be up to 100cm away from the charger, actually.

One such charger can charge two devices at the same time, claims the company. If you click here, you’ll be able to see this technology in action. The company shared a 48-second video showing this technology.


Based on what we see here, the technology may be named “Motorola One Hyper”, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Motorola did say that the tech is based on Qi charging, but we don’t know all the details just yet.

In this video, this new charging technology is demonstrated with a device that is 100cm away from the charger, and then moved closer to it, at around 80cm. Motorola does demonstrate that one such charger can charge two devices at the same time.

This tech is coming to future Motorola Edge series smartphones

The company did say that this tech will be available in future Motorola Edge series smartphones. It did not say when can we expect a first device that supports it, though, nor did it go into detail about how the tech works exactly.


Xiaomi did talk much more about its technology. The company also mentioned that Mi Air Charge is unaffected by physical objects, which are great news. Xiaomi did not say how far away can you be exactly, but it did say you can walk around a room without a problem.

We still do not know when either of these two technologies will make it into an actual device, but it’s nice to see it’s coming, that’s for sure. More information is expected soon.