Microsoft Seems To Be Seeking Inspiration From The PS5 Controller

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Microsoft appears to be looking to the PS5 DualSense controller for inspiration. According to a new survey that is being sent out to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners.

In the survey, console owners are asked a series of questions that attempt to gauge overall satisfaction (or lack there of) on their purchases. Some questions though dive into asking about the DualSense controller that comes with the PS5.

Sony's DualSense controller is a major leap forward in positive gaming experiences on consoles. Thanks to the adaptive triggers and the adjustable haptic feedback that massively assist in gameplay immersion. In our PS5 review we said it was a thing of wonder. And Microsoft seems to recognize just how much of a wonder it is.


Microsoft wants to know if it should add features from the PS5 controller

While Microsoft no doubt wants its customers to like what it has already created, it's not opposed to improvement.

Improvement is what this survey is all about. One question asks, I am aware of the features on the PlayStation controllers that I wish were on the controller that came with this console. Users who are taking the survey can answer whether or not they strongly agree or strongly disagree.

This suggests that Microsoft is looking for feedback that will help it decide whether or not it should come out with an updated controller that has more features. It doesn't explicitly say that the Xbox team will add the exact features that the DualSense controller has. But it is clearly looking to do something.

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Microsoft specifically asks users to name features they want

Aside from the above questions, Microsoft isn't beating around the bush too much. As it reportedly also asked users to specifically name features they'd like to have.

While the company has yet to confirm anything, this heavily points to the Xbox team gathering feedback for future development of a controller that is more robust. Something that could elevate the Xbox Series X experiences even further.

Asking the players is a good place to start. Because who knows better than the players what features the players would want on their console controllers. Whether or not it leads to a new Xbox wireless controller with more features is uncertain.


As the survey could lead to nothing at all. Microsoft may be trying to gather this information but that doesn't necessarily mean it will do anything with the responses it receives.