Lorex 2K Video Doorbell with Person Detection Now Available

2K Doorbell outside

Lorex Technology has a new smart video doorbell that is promising a 2K QHD capable video capture. The Lorex 2K Video Doorbell features an intelligent 'Person Detection' mode with a QHD picture quality.

The Person Detection feature is built-in and free. In addition, it only sends instants notifications via the Lorex Home app for people and not swaying trees. This intelligent feature should help cut down the number of unnecessary notifications as well.

Lorex 2K Video Doorbell offers 2K resolution and high dynamic range

Another neat feature of this new doorbell is that it displays a 4:3 image size versus a typical 16:9 ratio image from most doorbells. And 2K video (2560×1920) provides two times the resolution of 1080p (108×1920) video. The net result is a substantial improvement in video quality and clarity.


Along with an increase in resolution, the new doorbell features camera technology that includes a high dynamic range. This feature allows automatic correction of exposure levels when lighting conditions in the area are not ideal. I suspect that these camera improvements will help with nighttime video quality as well.

As far as Field-of-View (FOV) goes, this new doorbell has a stellar 164-degree diagonal viewing angle on the ultrawide camera. This large FOV will easily cover all angles of the front door without any issues.

Let's talk about video storage. Since the Lorex 2K Video Doorbell includes a 32GB micro SD card, there are no monthly fees. For additional peace of mind, it is easy to expand storage capacity since the doorbell supports microSD capacity up to 256GB.

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So what about the instances when you can't answer the door? Well, you have the option of answering the door remotely via the Lorex Home App and there is a built-in 2-way talk feature. In addition to this, the Lorex Home App also offers the option to pre-record a custom message.

For peace of mind and additional security, the doorbell features an LED nightlight in the bottom faceplate. You can turn it on/off via a set schedule via the Lorex Home app.  Alternatively, there is an option to turn the light on when motion is detected. The Lorex Home app also allows seamless integration of the doorbell with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The Lorex 2K Wired Video Doorbell is now available online at www.lorex.com for $179.99 and other Lorex retail channels including Amazon.com.