Lockly Duo Locks Both Your Door's Deadbolt & Latch In One Single Motion

Lockly Duo 1

In the past few years, CES has been a hotspot for smart lock technology. And now continuing this trend Lockly has announced their new Lockly Duo according to Digital Trends. Lockly released the Lockly Vision last which was a smart lock and doorbell combo. Now this year they are looking to impress at CES again.

The new Lockly Duo is a two-in-one latch and deadbolt smart lock that combines both security features into a single, compact device. The Dual-Locking Technology, which is still pending, secures both the latch and deadbolt in a single motion.

Customers can now easily lock both the latch and deadbolt by lifting the latch upward. The reason for this is to help make it easier for those who have separate locks for their deadbolt and doorknob. As a result, it is easier to secure their doors by combining the two into a single motion.


The Lockly Duo has a hack-proof security layer to keep your home safe

When you pair the Lockly Duo and the Secure Link Wi-Fi hub together you give the Duo access to Alexa and Google Assistant. Lockly’s PIN genie, according to Lockly is a hack-proof security layer that moves the numbers around on-screen so nobody can guess the code.

This is a feature that shows they are committed to privacy and security. Hopefully, they avoid some problems other smart locks have faced. The pin pad is digital so after you finish putting in your PIN anybody watching will be thrown off by the random number layout.

In addition to the PIN access users have access to a 3D biometric fingerprint sensor. This ensures that no one can spoof the lock by trying to fake your fingerprint. A cool feature is the ability to give a visitor an Offline Access Code. This will give them access so they can gain access.


Luckily, there is a contingency if you do not want to give them an access code. Users will be able to unlock their door from afar. In terms of security, the Duo will alert you if your door opens or closes.  You will receive an alert on your smartphone.

The Lockly Duo is designed to be user friendly. The smart lock is billed as the one that almost anyone can easily install on standard doors. The smart lock will come in satin nickel and matte black colors and includes everything you need to install. For example, users will get cover plates, strike plates, and more.

Although this a smart lock, there are also physical keys in case the batteries die. Thankfully Lockly thought to include this that way you can avoid an awkward situation. For anyone looking to add some smarts to their home, the Lockly Duo may be a good starting part. With a price tag of $400, customers can make their homes more secure in the first quarter of 2021.