Linksys Is Turning Your Whole Smart Home Into A Motion Sensor

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If you're worried about home security then you may want to check out the Linksys Aware service, as the company will be using it to turn your entire smart home into a motion sensor.

Starting early this year, Linksys will be pushing out an update to its Linksys Aware service that will utilize its mesh router system to transform other smart home products into motion sensors to detect movement.

Linksys Aware already sort of offers this by utilizing the the mesh router access points for the same purpose. But this upcoming new update expands on this by utilizing other smart home devices. Which afford numerous benefits over Linksys Aware in its current state.


Linksys will push out the smart home motion sensor update in March

According to Linksys the update that strengthens its Aware service will begin in March and carry over into April.

So it'll still be a couple of months before users should expect to see these changes take place. Once the update goes live, Linksys Aware will connect to any other smart home products to utilize those as additional access points for motion sensing.

Those devices will of course need to be stationary. So Linksys Aware won't be connecting to your Roomba as it cleans your floors. But if you have Echo speakers or Nest Hubs lying around, or any combination of smart bulbs, thermostats, coffee makers and more, these can act as more points of coverage along with the mesh routers.

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This will make it much easier to detect any movement in the home as there should be less dead spots. And it'll likely help with more accurate detection as well.

There's also a new mesh router system coming

Much like yesterday's announcement from NETGEAR, Linksys is releasing new routers with the key component being that it supports WiFi 6E.

More than that though is this is a new mesh router system with this technology. Called the AXE8400, this new mesh system is a series of tri-band routers. They offer 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands for connection.


In addition they also offer four 1Gbps ethernet ports on the back. And since this is a mesh system you can link multiple access points together and even use it with the new Linksys Aware update.

Linksys plans to launch the new AXE8400 routers in late Spring and early Summer of this year. One router will start at $449.99. So the routers aren't cheap. If you need more coverage, a two-pack will be available for $849.99, or a three-pack will be available for $1,199.99.