LG's New webOS 6.0 Is Here With A Lot Of New Features

webOS 6 0 New Home

On January 7 Cision PR Newswire reported that LG Electronics announced webOS 6.0. webOS 6.0 is will be available for its 2021 OLED, QNED, Mini LED, NanoCell, and UHD smart TVs. When paired with the new Magic Remote the webOS 6.0 viewers will have a more enjoyable and intuitively discover experience.

webOS 6.0 comes with support for new voice commands from Google Assitant and Amazon Alexa. This will make managing and searching easier across streaming services, internet, and broadcast channels easier than ever.

If you are used to the old webOS 4.0 you will in for a treat. That is to say that you will notice a new attractive, updated home screen redesigned for enhanced usability. As a result, the needs of the viewer’s ever-changing consumption habits will be met.


You will receive faster access to your most-used apps and streamlines. Users will also have recommendations based on their preferences and viewing history.

LG’s new remote Magic Remote has a new premium design, and it is simpler to use. It has multi-AI offerings for LG ThinQ, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assitant. The simple, easy navigation is more user-friendly according to LG. For example, the new remote has hotkeys to access the best content providers. Buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ are all present and easily accessible.

webOS 6.0 brings a lot of new features to the table

Another feature to make things easier is Magic Tap. Magic Tap allows for sharing content from a user’s phone to their LG TV or vice versa via NFC. In addition, while sharing content stored on a phone, users will be able to continue using their smartphone’s apps and features.


Thanks to TV voice controls and Magic Remote users will be able to get the information they need quickly by using their voice. The new Magic Explorer is an enhanced version of LG’s Magic Link that delivers content that is informative and related to what is on the screen. Magic Explorer can provide information like actors, locations, etc. This seems similar to Amazon’s x-ray feature.

Also, easy and friendly shopping for products that are in shows will for any products seen across select channels. In addition, this will also work with LG TV services like Live TV, Gallery, Settings, and TV Guide. When Magic Explorer has information to share the color of the cursor will change. That way users will know when they can take advantage of the feature.

But there is more. The new Next Picks feature analyzes the preferences of the user and discovers content suited to their tastes. This gives users a personalized viewing experience that is unique to them. The feature has the ability to recommend two live programs from channels or set-top boxes. In addition, it can recommend one VOD title or app for viewers that it believes they will like.


The President of LG Home Entertainment Park Hyoung-sei said the webOS 6.0 represents the most significant update since the 2014 introduction of webOS. This update shows that LG is committing to offering services and products that feed off the needs of their customers.