First-Ever Gaming Soundbar From LG Has A Built-In Mic For Voice Chat

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Today at CES LG has already shown off a lot of new tech that it has coming, including a gaming soundbar called the UltraGear GP9.

This is LG’s first soundbar designed specifically for gamers. And features loads of functionality that caters both to gamers who have a stationary setup and those who play games more on the go.

That also makes it perfect for anyone that plays games both at home and elsewhere. The GP9 is battery powered too, which probably sets it apart from the competition more than anything else. Although there are some other really useful features onboard.


LG designed its gaming soundbar with a built-in mic

A built-in battery is a unique trait among soundbars in general. Let alone gaming soundbars. But LG is taking things a step further with this uniqueness and designed the UltraGear GP9 with a built-in mic.

This makes it perfect for voice chat with your friends in Discord. Though that might be a little less useful if you’re using this on the go, like say at a LAN party with friends. As you’re probably already in the room with those you’re playing with. So voice chat isn’t really needed.

While at home though, the built-in mic makes it possible to engage in voice chat without having to wear headphones. Making it easy to still stay in tune with what’s going on around you and stay in the chat with your teammates.


Whether or not that poses a problem with feedback remains to be seen. But presumably this is one of the first things LG would have thought of. The soundbar comes with something LG is calling Eco Sound, which is supposed to pick up your voice more clearly instead of the game audio. If you do like to use a headset from time to time, the soundbar does have a headphone jack for plugging one in.

It also features an optical port and a USB-C port for connectivity options.

There’s also a less powerful option with the GP3

Although LG hasn’t announced any pricing for the GP9 yet, it’s bound to cost more money than some are willing to spend.


That’s why LG is also offering the GP3. A less powerful gaming soundbar that lacks a few of the things you can find on the GP9. For example it doesn’t come with an optical port. The GP9 does.

The GP3 also only delivers audio with 15 watts of power compared to the 20 watts of power on the GP9.