Kew Labs UTS-1 – Wireless Charging But No Visible Cord Or Pad

Kew Labs UTS 1 Feature

Kew Labs UTS-1 is the first 'invisible' wireless smartphone charger offering patented technology. We all love wireless charging our smartphones. The convenience of just plunking down the phone on the charging surface without having to plug in a cable is quite attractive. However, there is a slight aesthetic issue of cable and charging pad on the table or nightstand.

Kew Labs tries to solve this aesthetic issue via their new wireless smartphone charger UTS-1. So actually how does the Kew Labs UTS-1 work? Well, it seems like you mount the unit underneath the table or bookshelf or similar surface. Kew Labs claims that their patented technology offers charging power through surfaces of between 18-25 mm (~1 inch thick).

Let's take a look at some pictures from the CES 2021 press release for the UTS-1.


For starters, the UTS-1 is mounted underneath the surface where you want to charge your smartphone. So Kew Labs claims that this increased distance between the phone and the charger reduces heat damage to the lithium-ion battery. Additionally, just like regular wireless chargers, the UTS-1 has auto-shutoff when the device reaches full charge.  Seems like a good way to preserve battery health and provide reassurance to users with regards to safety.

A few other features include – foreign object detection, overcharge and overcurrent protection, and temperature-controlled shut-off. All these various features should help provide a safe and reliable method to charge your smartphone. Lastly, Kew Labs has a patent pending for providing audio confirmation that aids in the perfect placement of the smartphone for optimal wireless charging.

So if you are looking for a sleek, no-cord, or pad design aesthetic for your home or office space then the UTS-1  from Kew Labs is a novel wireless charging solution. Launch pricing for this charger is $104.99 and it is now available for purchase at www.kewlabstech.com.

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