Journey To The Savage Planet Is 1 of 3 New Games For Stadia Pro

Stadia 3

Google is preparing to add 3 new games to its Stadia Pro lineup, one of which is called Journey To The Savage Planet.

This is the Employee Of The Month Edition of that game, and it's exclusive to Stadia for a time. Which means it comes with some exclusive content that you can only access on Stadia. If you're not familiar with Journey To The Savage Planet, think No Man's Sky.

While the two games are not necessarily identical, there are similarities. And No Man's Sky is a good example of what the gameplay is like. You traverse through space, explore other planets, harvest resources, and you can build stuff.


Of course you could also just wander through space and take everything in. It is a space exploration game after all.

Journey To The Savage Planet on Stadia gets some unique add-on content

Google doesn't delve a whole lot into what unique content the game will be gaining. But the Stadia-specific version is getting some unique add-on content.

It also has "more zany, hilarious, space exploration fun than you can find anywhere else." And the add-content as well as the regular game content will run at a very smooth 6o frames per second So visuals should appear pretty fluid.

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In addition to Journey To The Savage Planet, there are 2 more games being added to Stadia Pro. These include Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light, and Enter The Gungeon. All three of these games are landing on the Stadia store to claim for free for Pro members on February 1.

So they should be available to add to your Pro library this coming Monday morning. As with all pro games, you will be able to claim them for a period of time before Google removes them from the list of Pro games. Which means only people who claimed the free titles while they were free can continue playing them without having to buy the games.

Madden NFL 21 launches on January 28

Before the new crop of Pro titles is released, there are other games to look out for. Madden NFL 21 sill be launching on Stadia on January 28.


That's this Thursday. And if sports games are your thing then you can dive into the latest with Madden on Stadia in just a short couple of days. TOHU also launches on Stadia on January 28, which is a puzzle adventure game. And Gods Will Fall launches on January 29.

Meanwhile Hitman III launched on Stadia fairly recently. So it's been a decent month for new Stadia releases.