T-Mobile's Ex-CEO, John Legere, Is Considering Running For Office


So, John Legere for President could be a chant that we may hear in the future. He is running for office, according to a report from The Verge. The former CEO of T-Mobile posted on his Twitter on January 7 that “for the first time in my life I am actually considering the possibility of running for office.”.

Now, it would not be too much of a stretch to see another celebrity run for President. And after the last four years, it is possible that anybody could earn the title of President. However, Legere if he does decide to run for President could shake up politics once again.

John Legere left his title of CEO and membership of T-Mobile’s board after negotiating the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. Like many American citizens who witnessed the mayhem on Capitol Hill Legere said that he is sad, angry, and appalled.


If he runs for President he could alter the way politics work. While at T-Mobile Legere turned the company into the Un-Carrier. Once T-Mobile became the Un-carrier it ended contracts, revamped mobile plans, and offered a variety of perks and freebies to customers.

With this in mind, Legere could base his Presidency on shaking up what it means to be President again. He was known for calling out Verizon and AT&T via social media when it came to competition. This brash attitude could help or hurt his political aspirations.

John Legere for President?

Along with his brash attitude, he has a reputation for being the cool guy with his leather jackets and overall presence. This could stray away from what the picture of an ideal candidate is. Although these last four years have been pretty unconventional anyway.


However, policies like Medicare-for-all could fit nicely with Legere. Medicare-for-all easily fits within the rubric of an Un-carrier program. It would definitely shake up the country. Think about how T-Mobile made certain streaming services not count towards a customer’s data plan. Streaming for certain services was free thanks to T-Mobile. Medicare-for-all could be a very similar move.

Now, some of Legere’s moves while the CEO wasn’t all perfect. He was in support of net neutrality but some programs went against the very idea of net neutrality. Binge on and T-Mobile’s other perks favored services that the company partnered with.

After these past four years, it is clear that almost anybody can make a successful run for President. Considering how Legere came in and improved T-Mobile and made it a force to be reckoned with, maybe he could do some good.