January Update Brings Several Improvements To Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo featured image

Microsoft's dual-screen phone, the Surface Duo, is receiving a new update with the latest Android security patches and a few other improvements. The update is rolling out with software version 2020.1211.85 for the unlocked variants of the device.

As the company outlines in the official Surface Duo update history page, this update brings both December 2020 and January 2021 Android security patches to the device. Microsoft has been pushing monthly security updates to its dual-screen phone since launch but it had seemingly skipped the update last month. The latest update now bundles the Android security maintenance releases for the past two months.

Additionally, the Microsoft Surface Duo also gets the ability to add a caller to conference calls with this update. The company says this functionality will only be available "in certain conditions" but doesn't go into detail explaining it. The new update also promises improved audio quality when using speaker mode. Last but not least, it brings touch stability as well as overall device stability.


Microsoft Surface Duo receives the January update

After several months of waiting, the dual-screen Microsoft Surface Duo finally arrived in the market in September last year. Priced at $1,399, the device has so far been exclusive to the US market. However, recent reports suggest it may arrive in Europe as early as the second week of February. The Surface Duo will reportedly be available in the UK next month through wireless carriers such as EE and BT.

In the meantime, Microsoft continues to improve the overall stability and functioning of the Surface Duo with regular software updates. The unlocked version of the phone last received a software update midway through November last year. Now, after a gap of about two months, the device is picking up a new update.

You should receive a notification on your Surface Duo to download the latest update over the air (OTA) anytime now if you haven't already. You can also manually check for updates by navigating to the System Update menu under Settings >> System. Note that this is a major update with the OTA file size weighing at 576MB. We recommend you connect your Surface Duo to a stable Wi-Fi network before downloading the update.

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Microsoft also offers the Surface Duo as an AT&T carrier-locked version. This variant usually receives the updates a week or so after the unlocked variants. So if you're using an AT&T locked version of the Surface Duo, be on the lookout for this update in the coming days.