Instagram Introduces Professional Dashboard For Businesses & Creators

instagram professional dashboard

Gone are the days when we used to use Instagram for sharing our daily lives with loved ones. It has now become more of a marketplace with so many shopping features. Now Instagram has added a professional dashboard for businesses and creators.

Any Instagram user with a business or creator account will have access to this new professional dashboard. Notably, this comprises all the business tools that Instagram has to offer in one place.

Besides, it gives a dedicated space for all the business tools on Instagram. Moreover, you will be able to track your business performance, discover professional tools and also explore educational information.


Basically, users with a creators’ account will see shortcuts for brand partnerships and other monetization features of Instagram. A shop owner can track the performance of his/her ads and set up shopping features.

Not only this, but the new Instagram professional dashboard will also give you access to tutorials and other helpful articles that you can make use of to understand the account analytics and how to use all the different business tools.

Back in 2020, Instagram introduced a bunch of features like Badges, Instagram Shop, Checkout, and Branded Content tools to help businesses and creators accomplish their goals. Now, in an official blog, Instagram has announced one more important feature for them.


You can now easily track your performance, grow your business, and stay informed

The main aim of adding this new Instagram professional dashboard is to help users with three things. These are tracking their performance, grow their business, and also stay informed about the new methods and tools.

Although this is not an entirely new feature and some of it has already been there for quite some time on Instagram, this is the first time all the tools have been centralized in one place.

Businesses and creators can have easy access to all the metrics and can use the tools based on their convenience to grow their business or brand.


As already mentioned, since Instagram has now become more of a marketplace, this new update shows that the company also wants to boost and encourage creators to use it as a business medium.

Shopping features have already been added by Facebook on Instagram and are available in almost every section of the app. Creators also have options like commercials for IGTV videos and other long-awaited monetization features.

As per the official blog, this new professional dashboard is available for all. And Instagram plans to build a suite of tools in the future to help facilitate creators and businesses to grow and succeed on Instagram.