Here's How You Can Import Your WhatsApp Chats To Telegram, With Latest Update

telegram import whatsapp chats

Good news for all those who are angry over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy that wants all your personal data just to use the app, Telegram has released a solution. Notably, with the latest Telegram 7.4 update, users can import WhatsApp chats to Telegram.

At the beginning of the year, Facebook did something which it has been accused of quite often, i.e. it notified the users that they need to mandatorily share their personal data in order to use WhatsApp.

Moreover, for those who opted not to agree to this notice or updated privacy policy, their account will be deleted on February 8. This irked a huge chunk of the WhatsApp user base, and people started shifting over to other messaging services like Telegram.


However, a tweet by Elon Musk stating, “Use Signal” just gave the users a new option in the form of the Signal app. FYI, the Signal app is run by Brian Acton, who also happens to be the co-founder of WhatsApp. He quit WhatsApp back in 2017 over a dispute with Facebook.

Facebook was stressing the fact the WhatsApp should be monetized, which Brian Acton was against, and he resigned. Well, Facebook has continued on the path of monetizing the app. And one should not be surprised if, in the coming days, you see ads on WhatsApp.

Telegram 7.4 update is currently available for both iOS and Android users

Coming back to the Telegram 7.4 update, there is a new option that allows users to very easily import their WhatsApp chats to Telegram.


However, note that the Telegram 7.4 update is available for both iOS and Android users. As per a report by a recent blog post by Telegram, users will not only be able to migrate WhatsApp chat history but also other apps including Line, and KakaoTalk as well.

This gives one more reason for WhatsApp users to switch over to another more secure and private messaging application. Enough talk, now let us understand how you can use this new feature to import your WhatsApp chats to Telegram.

1: First of all, open the WhatsApp app.
2: Tap on the chat that you wish to export to Telegram.
3: Now, tap on the More menu in the chat.
4: Then select the Export Chat option.
5: It will show you two options, i.e. Attach Media or Without Media. Choose the option as per your convenience.
6: After this, WhatsApp will create a backup of the entire conversation. This will be in zip format.
7: Now, you need to share this exported backup zip file to Telegram by tapping the Share button.
8: Then select the contact you want to assign the imported chat to.
9: Tap Import.


There is another important thing that you should keep in mind. There is no option to import everything with just a click. You have to work your way one by one with individual and group chats.