Google Photos Gets Tablet-Optimized Interface For Android

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Google Photos got a bunch of new features in the recent past. It got a completely redesigned UI, a new filter, and much more. Now, Google is adding a tablet-optimized interface for Google Photos on Android.

Apparently, as per a post on Reddit, with the new tablet-optimization, Google Photos on Android tablets will take better advantage of the large screen that they provide.

Previously, before this new feature, using Google Photos showed the mobile version with a bottom bar running along with the entire display, even on the tablet's big screen.


The three tabs at the bottom were placed right at the center, which definitely did not look like a polished UI. Though a few modifications have been made in order to use the extra real-estate on Google Photos for Android tablets, it was not up to the mark.

The new Google Photos tablet-optimized interface brings a ton of improvements, and it makes the UI well suited for Android tablets.

Right at the top, there is the search field, making it easier for users to search for their images and videos. Moreover, it is also optimized for different screen sizes.

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Google Photos is not only optimized for Android tablets, but for Chrome OS as well

Notably, on smaller to mid-size Android tablets, the search field appears right next to your profile image and Cast icon. While for bigger devices like Chromebook, it appears at the left with a hint/prompt and alongside the Upload button.

This reflects that Google has put their thoughts on not only optimizing the interface of the Google Photos app for Android tablets, but also for Chrome OS.

Besides, the search bar isn't "Search Bar" anymore. It has been changed from the search bar to "Explore." However, there is no change in the People, Places, and Things carousels.


The navigation rail now appears on the left of Google Photos on Android tablets. After Photos and the Explore tab, "Sharing" appears, which is now moved from the top-left corner.

Right below these three buttons, there is a partition in the navigation rail, after which the "Library", "On device", "Utilities", "Archive", and "Trash" tab is located. Quick access to On Device, Utilities, Archive, and Trash, now open in full-screen pages.

As per 9to5Google, this new Google Photos tablet-optimized interface is rolling out with the app version 5.25. It is yet to go live for all users across the globe and is not available for everyone. Meanwhile, the iOS app is also waiting in line to get updated.