Google Nest Set To Launch A New Range Of Security Cameras This Year

Google Nest AH NS 02

Google has announced that it will work to release a new range of Nest security cameras for 2021. This comes after 9to5Google reported that the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor was out of stock. Then prompting a response from Google about the new Nest security cameras.

There had been a number of indications that Google may have been moving towards a new range of security cameras. Back in October, Google discontinued its Nest Secure Alarm System paving the way for something new to come.

That coupled with Google’s recent confirmation that the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor had sold out, it got many people thinking. Given the Google Nest Security Camera ranges tend to rank very highly amongst the best products on the market we should be expecting something quite impressive when it eventually does roll out.


Google announce a new range of security cameras for 2021

The Cam IQ was first launched way back in June 2017 providing a much-needed upgrade from what came before. The outdoor variant was then announced just a few months later in September.

Google has now sold out of the latter model with the company confirming that existing customers will continue to receive “ongoing feature support, software fixes, and critical security updates”.

After this promise, Google reiterated its commitment to “keep investing in new innovations”. This then led to the claim that excited many. Google said that this investment would lead directly to a “new lineup of security cameras for 2021”.


This comes after Google announced a strategic partnership with ADT back in August 2020. The companies have partnered to help professional technicians “sell and install devices like Nest Cameras and Nest Hub Max”.

It has been a while since the latest hardware update to any of Google’s Nest security camera range. That occurred way back in 2017. However, a year later Google Assistant to the Cam IQ Indoor. This turned it more into a smart-speaker like device.

This is unfortunately all we know about the potential new line up of Nest security cameras. Google was likely intentionally vague about any details or roll out as they look to hold back as much as possible.


Recently, a Google Smart Display passed through the FCC. This means that this could be joined by a new range of security cameras during the next few months of 2021.

We will have to keep our ears to the ground for any more details as details are understandably thin for now. Stay tuned for when we get more information on this one.