Google May Simplify Wi-Fi Password Sharing With Android 12

wi Fi password sharing android 12

We cannot live without the internet, and so as our friends and family members. But asking or sharing a Wi-Fi password can also become tedious to do. The good news is that Google may simplify Wi-Fi password sharing with Android 12.

If your friends come to your house, you can either go around telling each one of them your Wi-Fi password or manually enter it. The latter requires you to physically hold the phone and enter the password.

Though it may not sound much of a work, it will be tiresome if you have, let’s say 10-12 friends asking for the Wi-Fi password. Well, it seems like Google may have taken this matter in hand, and would soon give a much simpler option for Wi-Fi password sharing in Android 12.


If we have a simpler option to share Wi-Fi passwords, then there are two immediate benefits of it. First, you do not have to manually enter the password or tell each one of your friends or family members.

Second, it also means that you do not need to use a simple password just to let your friends easily join your Wi-Fi connection. Android 10 provides an option to share Wi-Fi passwords by scanning a QR Code.

This is all thanks to the Wi-Fi Easy Connect protocol. Still, there are several downsides attached to it, one being physically holding one’s phone to scan the QR code.

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Android 12 may allow users to share their Wi-Fi password’s QR code using Nearby Share

Talking about the Google solution that it may bring with Android 12, it would allow users to share their Wi-Fi password’s QR Code using the Nearby Share feature.

This means that you can take a screenshot of your Wi-Fi password’s QR Code or the “Share Wi-Fi” page and then send it to your friend using Nearby Share. But there is a slight learning curve involved with this new solution.

Your friend should know how to use apps like Google Lens to scan the QR Code. As per a new commit submitted by Google engineer Abel Tesfaye to AOSP, the present Wi-Fi sharing page may get a new button.


This button will enable users to share their Wi-Fi credentials via Google’s Nearby Share. It also means that your friends or family members needing your Wi-Fi password should be in your immediate vicinity.

A simple yet effective tweak that Google may bring with Android 12. Not many would be blown away with the inclusion of this feature, but Android OS has now become mature.

And only these types of nifty tricks are left that would add up to the features list of upcoming Android versions. Note that the commit has not been merged. So, we do not know how exactly Google plans to introduce this new feature with Android 12.