Google Docs App Brings Smart Compose & Autocorrect To Comments Section

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Google uses all the data its AI has gathered and learned to help users work faster and accurately. In line with this, Google Docs is now adding smart compose and autocorrect features to the comments section.

FYI, the Smart Compose feature launched back at I/O 2018. Since then, this AI feature has expanded over to more Google products. Now, it is finally available for the Google Docs comments section as well.

Google Docs has become more important than ever. After the world was hit by the pandemic, most people are working from home or studying from home.


Moreover, Google is also not far behind in updating its products corresponding to the latest needs and requirements. It has been regularly releasing new features that cater to the current needs of the user.

While the Smart Compose and autocorrect feature rolled out for some users last year, it is coming to Docs comments for everyone. Notably, it will help the user be more grammatically correct in the comments section.

In fact, thanks to the advanced AI of Google, when you are typing a comment in the Doc, the smart compose feature will suggest relevant contextual phrases to fill out the comment automatically.

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New update for Google Docs will come in handy for educators, editors, etc.

On one hand, the smart compose will help you fill your comment automatically, the autocorrect feature will reduce the number of grammatical errors in the comments.

As already mentioned, Google Docs has become one important tool in today’s work environment. It will come in handy for educators, editors, and people in a profession that makes use of Google Docs.

Well, it is a bit awkward to comment with spelling mistakes. Autocorrect is here to help users in such situations. Now, you can comment with a free mind that Google’s AI will autocorrect your mistakes as well as fill in the phrase you want to use.


According to the official blog, the new update that brings smart compose and autocorrect to the comments section in Google Docs is rolling out starting January 5.

These features will be ON by default, but the user will have manual control to disable them. It will be available to Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus, and G Suite Basic, Business, Education, Enterprise for Education, and Nonprofits customers.

To learn how you can turn ON/OFF the autocorrect and smart compose feature on Google Docs, you can visit the Help Center by heading over here.