Galaxy S21 Comes With 'Object Eraser' Feature For Advanced Photo Editing

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Hands On AH 3

Well, Samsung just unveiled the entire Galaxy S21 lineup, and they come with Android 11 One UI 3.0 out of the box. However, there is a new feature that Galaxy S21 devices are coming with called "Object Eraser."

Notably, with the help of this new feature, users can remove people from photos. As you may be already aware, the One UI 3.0 update is already live for several Galaxy phones.

However, this Object Eraser is currently available on the entire Galaxy S21 lineup. In order to use this new Galaxy S21 Object Eraser feature, you need to edit a photo using the Samsung Gallery app.


Once the editor gets open, there is a new button called Object Eraser. It helps you to remove people from your photos. This feature comes in handy if you want to bring focus to your object and remove distractions from your image.

Images taken in crowded places would also benefit from this feature, as you can easily remove unwanted objects from your photos. Once you tap on this button, you need to tap on the objects you wish to remove.

Good thing is that you can remove multiple objects. Do not worry if you tapped on any object by mistake, as there is a undo or redo button available to rectify your mistake.

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Galaxy S21 Object Eraser feature is powered by Samsung's latest AI

At the moment, it is unclear what objects can be removed using this Object Eraser tool. Samsung showed this new feature at the Unpacked event.

During the demonstration, Samsung removed a couple of people from the background of a photo. But what other objects can be removed is still not known at the moment.

Samsung says that the new Galaxy S21 Object Eraser feature is powered by Samsung's latest and enhanced AI. Apparently, it seems like the company has trained an entire neural net to recognize objects, people, etc., and how the image will look if those objects were removed.


As noted by XDA, this feature runs on the cloud considering the AI capabilities of the Galaxy S21 Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 chipset depending on the regions.

Moreover, it is also not clear whether this feature will make its way to other Galaxy devices or not. Here comes into the picture, Samsung's track record of backporting several features from new devices to the older ones.

And considering that there is a good chance the Object Eraser feature will be available on other devices soon.