Galaxy Buds Pro Hands-On Video Reveals Poor Noise Cancellation Than AirPods Pro

Galaxy Buds Pro hands on video

The Unpacked event, where Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S21 lineup along with the Galaxy Buds Pro truly wireless earbuds, is set for January 14.

We posted an article that included leaked images, giving us the first look at the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

Now an early hands-on video of the earbuds has been shared on YouTube. But things don't look good for the Buds Pro in early impressions.


Notably, whenever Samsung releases its flagship smartphone or earbuds, it is straightaway compared with the latest offerings from Apple.

And the early hands-on video shared by the Digital Slang channel on YouTube highlights that the noise cancellation feature on the Galaxy Buds Pro is poorer than AirPods Pro.

The video shared by the channel also showcases the Galaxy Buds Pro in its full glory, along with its unboxing experience. However, one of the important features of these earbuds, ANC,  was found to be disappointing.

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According to the video, when talked about the quality of active noise cancellation, the reviewer says that "it is good but not as impressive as it is on the AirPods Pro."

We shouldn't count a single person's opinion to paint a conclusion about the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Galaxy Buds Pro features a fantastic Ambient sound feature

Although the Galaxy Buds Pro doesn't score in the active noise cancellation department, it does feature an improved and fantastic Ambient sound feature.


We would take the reviewer's opinion in the video with a pinch of salt. Because one should properly use the product before arriving at a conclusion about it.

Apparently, the in-ear design of the previous Galaxy Buds offered a high degree of noise cancellation. My Galaxy Buds Plus still sounds great and offers great ANC.

So, it will be interesting to see how the Galaxy Buds Pro actually performs when we will get our hands on the product. The video also highlights that the Buds Pro comes with clear mids and highs and punchy bass.


Meaning that Samsung has tweaked the sound quality of the Galaxy Buds Pro. Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Buds Pro at the Unpacked event on January 14.

Talk about the design of the earbuds, it will sport an oval shape design. Besides, the charging case is almost similar to what we have for the Galaxy Buds Live.

Galaxy Buds Pro will have IPX7 certification for water and dust resistance, 5-18 hours of playtime, and of course, ANC. Moreover, it will come with a USB Type-C port, fast charging, and wireless charging as well.