Galaxy A82 5G In Works – Another Rotating Camera Phone From Samsung?

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Remember the Galaxy A80? The sliding and rotating camera phone from Samsung that launched in April 2019 and soon went off the radar. The device created a big buzz among smartphone enthusiasts before launch but seemingly didn’t live up to the expectations. There were problems aplenty with its unique camera mechanism, so much so that it didn’t get any successor in 2020.

However, it appears Samsung is now readying a new smartphone in the lineup and it may well have a rotating camera technology as well. In line with a report earlier today, folks over at the Dutch publication GalaxyClub have also learned that the Korean behemoth is working on the Galaxy A82 5G for launch later this year.

The device is still in the early stages of development though. It’s not even clear whether it will feature a rotating and sliding camera technology. OEMs have now moved on from this type of pop-up camera mechanism in favor of punch-hole cameras or under-display camera (UDC) technology. However, given it’s the successor to the Galaxy A80, a possibility cannot be ruled out.


That said, the sliding and rotating camera system of the Galaxy A80 was not always working perfectly. Several reviewers reported the camera setup getting stuck halfway through the sliding process. Needless to say, such a camera system also compromises the dust and water resistance capabilities of the phone. So Samsung has a lot to consider if it wants to launch a phone with such a camera system, particularly at a time when what we really want from it is an under-display camera phone.

Samsung is working on the Galaxy A82 5G for a 2021 launch

Samsung has already launched the Galaxy A02s, Galaxy A12, and Galaxy A32 5G in the 2021 Galaxy A lineup. The Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 will likely follow soon, along with the Galaxy A82. All three of these should, unsurprisingly, come with 5G connectivity.

However, apart from that, not many details are available about the Galaxy A82 5G as yet. Based on Samsung’s naming scheme, the device will likely have model number SM-A826B. But even then, the device that was believed to be the Galaxy A81 ended up being launched as that Galaxy Note 10 Lite last year. So nothing is set in stone as of now.


There’s still plenty of time before this phone starts taking shape. And a lot can change between now and then. We’ll have to wait for more reports to emerge before we can paint a clearer picture of the purported Galaxy A82 5G.