Fossil's Gen 5 LTE Smartwatch Is Tailor-Made For Verizon Customers

Fossil Gen 5 LTE 1

Fossil is one of the most prominent brands in the smartwatch market with tons of options for consumers, and it just added the Gen 5 LTE to that list.

As you might expect, Fossil's Gen 5 LTE is a lot like the Gen 5 smartwatch that the company launched last year, save for one major difference. The LTE support that allows users to connect the watch to the internet without having a smartphone connected to it through Bluetooth. Or without having the watch connected via Wi-Fi.

But the Gen 5 LTE isn't really designed for everyone. Not really. It's actually tailor-made for Verizon customers. Though, anyone can actually use the watch.


The Fossil Gen 5 LTE smartwatch only works as intended for Verizon customers

Fossil's latest smartwatch will certainly work for anyone. Including those who aren't Verizon subscribers. But it's LTE function will not work for just anyone.

The company says that the LTE function of the watch requires a connection to a Verizon wireless plan through the network's Number Share feature. This is what makes it possible to continue receiving voice calls or text messages and other alerts even if you're away from your phone or Wi-Fi.

But there is one more caveat. Customers also need to have an Android smartphone. While the Gen 5 LTE works with iOS just like other Wear OS smartwatches, the LTE function does not. Aside from the Android requirement though, there's no requirement on a specific phone manufacturer.

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As long as it's an Android smartphone, the Number Share feature will allow a connection to the Gen 5 LTE smartwatch so you can leave your phone at home the next time you go on a walk.

The watch launches sometime this Spring for $349

Fossil hasn't given out specific dates yet, but the Gen 5 LTE will launch sometime this Spring. It is however aiming for a release by the end of this month.

When it arrives it will retail for $349.99 and will be available from a few different places. Including Fossil's own website. You'll also be able to buy it in some Verizon retail stores as well as through Verizon's website.


Fossil does not mention whether or not the Gen 5 LTE will be available through retail partners like Amazon. But many of the other Fossil smartwatches are. So perhaps there's a chance the Gen 5 LTE will end up there at some point too.

In addition to the LTE, the watch has all of the same popular features as the original Gen 5. Which includes the swimproof speaker, 8GB of internal storage for things like apps and music, and multiple smart battery modes for extended use on a single charge.

The Fossil Gen 5 LTE also comes in two different colors, smoke tone stainless steel with a black strap, and rose gold tone stainless steel with a blush strap.