Fleksy Adds More Customization Options With Artist-Themed Store

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While many of the Android users use the good-ol’ Google keyboard or the default keyboard that comes pre-installed on their devices, there are many who use third-party keyboards like Fleksy, SwiftKey, etc. to spice up their devices.

Fleksy, one of the popular third-party keyboard app, has added a new feature providing more customization options for its users. Notably, it is introducing a new in-built theme store powered by artists and designers.

Since there would be many of you who haven’t heard about Fleksy keyboard, it was Fleksy that brought gestures and swipe typing, way before other keyboard apps adopted it.


Moreover, the Fleksy keyboard is a nice element that you can add to your customization routine. As Android provides a ton of customization options for users to decorate their devices the way they like, Fleksy can be one of the tools that can go along with your design.

However, with no updates in the recent past, the Fleksy keyboard themes were getting pretty-much outdated. Thanks to the new in-built theme store, users will have access to hundreds of free and paid keyboard themes in a wide variety of styles.

FleksyArt marketplace includes artists like María Picasso i Piquer, Lucila Dominguez, URKO & Maru Ceballos

For the new theme marketplace, which is called FleksyArt, Fleksy has teamed up with a collection of artists. Meaning that all the themes available on the FleksyArt store will be professionally designed.


Apparently, most of the themes are paid and premium. Fleksy has set a flat price tag of €2.99 for all the artist’s keyboard themes available at the marketplace.

As for the profit ratio, out of the €2.99, 30% goes to Google as commission. Whereas, the rest is split between Fleksy and the artist. Furthermore, the artists retain the copyright to their works.

All the new artistic themes on the FleksyArt marketplace will be under the Flesky Themes tab. Besides, you can filter the themes based on artists or by category.


Just be sure to check the font readability before going ahead and purchasing the theme. Because these themes are decorated with illustrations, designs and may make the fonts a bit un-readable.

Not only you can download keyboard themes from artists, but budding artists can also join the marketplace. They need to sign up to Fleksy and submit a portfolio of their works for review. For more details, you can head here.

As per Fleksy’s chief design officer, Victoria Gerchinhoren, once the portfolios arrive, the design team goes through the submitted portfolio and, after approving, has the artwork in the FleskyArt marketplace.


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