Five Things To Consider While Streaming On Your Android Device

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Convenience is one of the primary factors that is making mobile devices a preferred choice for streaming. 51% of streaming websites users claim that it is much easier to stream TV shows and movies on a smartphone.

Since Android has 87% of the global market share in the smartphone operating systems, it is understood that the majority of streamers use Android devices. So as a streamer, I am not going to share anything related to Android gaming but some valuable key points to make your streaming experience safe and smooth on Android devices.

1- Install Streaming Apps

Many android users prefer to install a few apps and do not bother to install streaming apps and use a web browser instead. Streaming on the web browser on an android device is no less than a nightmare. The loading time and inability of storing data make a streaming experience hell.


You can stream much quicker on apps than on a web browser on an android device. Streaming apps offer convenience to its users, it stores the watch history so you can continue watching from where you have left. Apps use mobile devices to store data and websites use servers that why data retrieval happens quickly on apps. Moreover, apps create personalization for their users, store their preferences, and show them the relatable title in suggestions that provide a delightful user experience.

2- Ignore Malicious Website & Upgrade to At Least Android 5

Whenever we are eager to watch something online we tend to land some malicious websites that could land us into Android ransomware.

The word ransomware created a lot of buzz in the cybersecurity community. It is a hacker attack that locks your device and demands a ransom to restore it. Most Android ransomware are hit on devices running on Android KitKat (4.4.4) and the alarming situation is that most of the Android TV boxes are running on Android KitKat.


Therefore, make sure to upgrade your TV box to at least Android Lollipop (5). And ignore malicious and pirated websites for streaming that are the primary hunting point of hackers to save yourself from these viruses and cyber-attacks.

3- Use Casting Device to Stream on Smart TV

A casting device is a system that allows sharing or sending things from one device to another usually from a mobile phone to Smart TV. Casting usually helps to send mobile, laptop, and tablet content to Android TV or Smart TV.
It is one of the best options for android users to stream content on a bigger screen with the wireless transfer of movies, YouTube video, and web series to Smart TV and watch it in a gathering.

Here is how you can connect the Casting device to your TV.

  • Connect the casting device and TV with the same Wi-Fi
  • Open the streaming app and select the content you want to watch
  • Within the app, find and select casting option/sign ()
  • Select the name of your TV on the device
  • Your device will be connected to your TV when casting sign () color change

4- Get a VPN to Remove Geo Block Restrictions

Streaming services like Netflix distribute content regionally. Many a time you cannot access the favorite TV shows, movie sequels, or complete season due to the geo-restriction on Netflix. For example, you cannot stream all eight parts of Harry Potter unless you are in Spain, Poland, or Portugal. VPN helps you to unblock the title of any region by connecting your device to the servers of that region (See this source to know more about streaming VPNs).

VPN allows me to watch John Wicks trilogy on Netflix by connecting to the server of Germany. Other than Netflix, you can also stream on major streaming platforms anywhere, such as HBO Max that is only available in the USA, and Disney Plus is available in few regions, by using any premium VPN.

Here is how you can use a VPN on an android device for streaming:

  • Download any Premium VPN app on your android device
  • Log in to the VPN app with your credentials
  • Select the country in which a particular title is available
  • Go to the streaming platform, search for the title, and start watching

5- Go for Authentic Websites to Stream Live Events

Many people, including myself, do not like to stick to TV to watch any live events, especially when working, and want to get real-time updates on the event. I like to watch live events on my mobile phone and place it beside my laptop while working.

However, streaming live events is one of the most challenging tasks on Android mobile devices. The majority of the free sites have pop-ups and open up multiple tabs for advertisements that totally ruin the fun. In addition, a malware threat is always there when you are streaming from any unauthentic website.

Therefore, I have found some authentic websites that allow complete access to cable TV channels, movies, and seasons without any subscription fee. My top recommendations are:



Locast is an American non-profit streaming service that allows its users to access a live stream of television. Due to geo-restrictions, you cannot access this service outside the USA. However, you can unblock Locast by using any premium VPN service.



TubiTv is an ad-supported American streaming service owned by Fox that enables its users to watch live television with much lesser advertisement than cable TV.
These two websites are highly recommended for Android users to use while streaming live events.

Wrapping up:

Well, these tips were some of the basics yet effective practices that every Android streamer should consider to make the streaming experience secure and smooth.