FCC Filing Reveals New Nest Device, Maybe Nest Hub With Soli

Google Meet Nest Hub Max from Google presser

9to5Google reported today that a new Google device passed through the FCC. The new device in question may be a Nest Hub Smart Display. The new Nest Hub Smart Display also seems to include Google’s soli technology.

The A4R-GUIK2 is classified as an “Interactive Device” in the filing. Google has previously used the “interactive” moniker for Smart Displays and speakers. For example here are some of their other interactive devices. Nest Hub (H1A): Google Interactive. The Nest Hub Max (H2A): Interactive video streaming device, the Nest Mini (H2C): Interactive media streaming device, the Nest Wifi (H2D/H2E): Interactive internet streaming device. And lastly the Nest Audio (GZTNL): An interactive media streaming device.

The upcoming GUIK2 will have Bluetooth, wi-fi, and Zigbee. Zigbee is a communication protocol specifically for smart home devices. The industry’s connected home over IP push could be related to the included Zigbee protocol.


New Google Nest Device could be a Nest Hub with Soli

Further confirming the upcoming device’s inclusion of a screen is it has an FCC e-label. The information, certification, and compliance marks have instructions on how they can be seen. From the home screen go to system settings>regulatory labels.

This proves that there should be a screen. In order to have a home screen and instructions to navigate to a certain setting, a screen is needed. Also, with the current Hub and Hub Max, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access settings. From there you can scroll down to find “Regulatory Labels”.

A new device in the Nest family is overdue. The Nest Hub Max came out in September of 2019 and cost $229. It was Google’s nest flagship with a camera and 10-inch screen. The 7-inch Home/Nest Hub is over two years old. It launched in October 2018 for $89. It is time for a new addition.


Google’s new Nest device also appears to have Soli technology that was first included in the Pixel 4. Google’s new Nest device Soli chip appears to have a frequency between the 58-63.5GHz range. The new Nest Thermostat has a range of 61-61.5GHz, and the Pixel 4 had a frequency between 58-63.5GHz.

The frequency is similar to the Pixel 4 which means that it should be more accurate than the Nest Thermostat. The new device could also support more precise controls by utilizing Soli. For example, the Hub Max lets a user play/pause media by holding up their palm to the front camera. It would not be too farfetched for the new device to utilize Soli technology for air gestures to control track selection.