Facebook Requires You To Share Data In Order To Use WhatsApp

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Facebook is a company that has repeatedly faced scrutiny for data privacy and security. And one of its apps, WhatsApp has published a new privacy policy that requires users to share their data with Facebook, in order to use the app.

If we recall, the previous WhatsApp policy gave an option to users to opt-out from sharing some data with its parent company, Facebook. However, the latest privacy policy gives no such option.

Meaning that you can no longer use WhatsApp if you opt-out of sharing your data with Facebook. This is something contradictory to the statement WhatsApp gave when it was sold over to Facebook for $19 billion.


In the blog post, it reassured its users that privacy is coded into their DNA and they will not share any data with Facebook even after the takeover.

But the reality seems pretty different. Soon, you will have no choice but to let WhatsApp share some of your data with Facebook if you would like to use the popular messaging app.

Moreover, this new security policy will come into effect on February 8. After this date, you will have to accept the policy to use WhatsApp. Besides, if you do not agree to the policy, the same alert suggests you delete your account.


Data including your WhatsApp account number, profile name, financial transactions, etc will be shared

Notably, WhatsApp has specified what kind of data will be collected of the user, and it is pretty personal. As per the alert, data of your WhatsApp account number, profile name, and photo, financial transactions done via the app will be shared with Facebook.

Not only Facebook, but this data will also be shared with its subsidiary companies as well. Furthermore, WhatsApp has highlighted that data will be collected to send you friend recommendations, personalized content, and showing relevant ad offers across various Facebook products.

The collected user data will help WhatsApp to operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market its services.


ARSTechnica has also noted that this new WhatsApp privacy policy and terms of service comprises over 8,000 words. In fact, it is filled with legal jargon that would make it difficult for a non-lawyer to understand properly.

People who have an objection to this new policy would have to look out for a new messaging app. From a privacy point of view, this is something that was not expected out from WhatsApp.

If you opt-out of this policy, then there are several capable and feature-rich messaging apps. To name a few, you can use Telegram or Signal messenger. These apps have a more transparent privacy policy and terms of service.


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