Exynos SoC With AMD GPU Crushes Apple A14 Bionic In Leaked Benchmarks

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Samsung announced a strategic partnership with AMD back in June 2019 to use the latter’s Radeon graphics in its Exynos chipsets. Although nothing has come of the partnership for nearly two years now, recent reports suggest the first Exynos processor with AMD graphics may arrive in the second or third quarter of 2021. Now, a new report claims to have acquired early 3D benchmarks of a first-gen AMD-powered Exynos chipset and it seemingly crushes Apple’s A14 Bionic in graphics performance.

According to an IT Home report, the upcoming Exynos processor has been benchmarked using GFXBench. The benchmark results were passed along by an unknown source in the Korean community website Clien. The alleged benchmark results are as follows:


GFXBench Benchmark Test Unnamed Samsung Exynos SoC
with AMD GPU
Apple A14 Bionic
Manhattan 181.8 FPS 146.4 FPS
Aztec Ruins (normal) 138.25 FPS 79.8 FPS
Aztec Ruins (high) 58 FPS 30.5 FPS

As you can see in the table above, the mysterious AMD-powered Exynos chipset comfortably beats the Apple A14 Bionic in 3D graphics performance. However, the catch here is that the report doesn’t accompany a screenshot to support the claim. So there’s no way to verify the authenticity of these alleged benchmark results.

Perhaps it’s way too early to conclude that Samsung has turned the tide with the graphics performance of its Exynos chipsets. So until more details emerge, we advise you to take this information with some caution.

The first Exynos SoC with AMD GPU is coming later this year

Samsung has made some major strategic changes with its Exynos chipsets this year. The Korean company has decided to abandon its custom Mongoose CPU cores in favor of stock ARM cores. This move is already paying off as the newly launched Exynos 2100 appears to be on par with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 in CPU performance.

However, Samsung’s solution still lags behind the competition when it comes to graphics prowess. The company believes using AMD GPUs will greatly improve the graphics performance of its Exynos chipsets. And if we’re to go by these leaked GFXBench benchmark results, AMD graphics will certainly bring a big positive change to Exynos processors.

Dr. Inyup Kang, president of Samsung’s System LSI Business, confirmed earlier this month that the next-gen flagship Exynos processor would use integrated AMD GPUs. Recent reports suggest we might see the new chipset arrive in time for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 later this year. We’ll now have to wait for more reports to emerge and support these claims.