This Video Doorbell Can Check Your Visitors Temperature

ettie doorbell

At CES 2021, we’ve seen a number of products that are geared towards the COVID-19 pandemic. With touchless doorbells. And now we’re seeing another cool video doorbell. This video doorbell comes from Ettie and can check your visitors temperature.

This is important during the pandemic, since most that have COVID-19 (even without many symptoms) do have a fever. So being able to see what someone’s temperature is before they enter your home is a really big deal. And very useful.

It works pretty simple actually. Green means good, and red means bad. Which will show up on the doorbell, so that the visitor knows if they have a fever too. Additionally, your most recent visitors temperatures are stored in the app. So you can see the exact temperature of everyone entering your home.


Ettie says that measuring temperature works best when the person is facing the camera and not at an angle.

It also has the usual smart video doorbell features

In addition to being able to check temperatures, the Ettie Smart Video Doorbell has all of the modern video doorbell features you’d expect.

That includes HD video recording, which includes 160-degree field of view, along with live streaming. Allowing you to monitor visitors in real-time. There’s also two-way audio functionality available, so you are able to talk with whoever is at the door.


Additionally, the doorbell does take their picture and records when they entered your home. Which will make contract tracing a whole lot easier.

Unfortunately, but not surprising, there is no release date or pricing announced for the Ettie Smart Video Doorbell. So it may be a while before we see this doorbell on the market. But it seems to be the best option for a doorbell during this pandemic. Especially with how easy it can make contract tracing.