Edifier Flexes Design Chops At CES 2021 With New Earbuds & Speaker

Edifier GM5 presser from Android Authority

Edifier is well known for its audio prowess but for CES 2021 the company is taking things to a new level, flexing its design know-how on new earbuds and one new speaker. That's according to recent reports showcasing no fewer than three new gadgets launched by Edifier at this year's event.

These new Edifier earbuds put design and battery on equal footing with audio

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro
Edifier TWS NB2 Pro

The first set of new audio devices from Edifier fall into the earbuds rather than the speaker category. Specifically, those are the TWS NB2 Pro and GM5 true wireless earbuds. Now, it's not possible to give any indicator of sound quality for either just yet. Or for the speaker below, as that's a subjective matter that needs to be determined under testing. But, given Edifier's history with audio, it's reasonable to assume they won't disappoint.

With that said, Edifier has given plenty of details about both gadgets, starting with the TWS NB2 Pro. The earbud itself is fairly standard. There's the usual round rubbery piece that goes in-ear and a longer arm that dangles below. The latter component here is sharp and angular rather than smooth and rounded. While that's not completely unheard of in the earbud world, it is a bold statement and not altogether common.


The straightforward design does hide some substantial features underneath, however. To begin with, these earbuds are IP54 rated for sweat and dust protection and pack near-lossless Bluetooth 5.0 for connections. They're also enhanced with both active noise cancelation and ambient sound mode. The former feature works to cancel out environmental noise while the latter enhances it for better situational awareness.

Better still, these earbuds offer best-in-class battery life. According to Edifier, they'll last seven hours with ANC active and nine-hours without ANC. With just 15-minutes of charging equating to two hours of playtime, the included charging case also provides an additional 23-hours of playback.

Conversely, Edifier GM5 takes a more traditional stem-style earbud design. Or at least that would be the case if not for the LED-laden transparent carry case. That case should help users keep a closer, more confident eye on battery life, in addition to adding loads of flare. What's more, the case holds up to four additional charges, stacking atop a top-tier battery life of up to eight hours per charge.

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Plus, the Edifier GM5 also includes modern standard features such as proximity sensors for automatic pause and play, as well as noise-canceling and aptX support.

Edifier brings back analog audio control with the D12 Bluetooth speaker

Edifier D12 Bluetooth Speaker presser from Android Authority
Edifier D12

There's something to be said about analog audio controls and that's exactly what the new Edifier D12 Bluetooth speaker brings to bear.

The new speaker is Bluetooth 5.0 on the connectivity front, which is fairly standard. However, it also features a premium fabric-wrapped, wood-grain design. Edifier topped that with analog knobs for EQ control — for bass, treble, and volume.


But the control goes a bit further than just adjusting a software EQ too. The speaker houses two 20W bass drivers and dual 15W treble speakers. So, presumably, Edifier tied the analog controls directly into what users will hear from the speaker. That should, in theory, equate to better real-time control, quality, and overall experience.

You'll have to wait to pick up the new Edifier earbuds and speaker

Now, the features here would typically lead to a relatively high-cost for speakers and earbuds whether from a brand like Edifier or not. But neither of the earbuds or the speaker announced at CES by Edifier this year will break the $100 mark. And that's good news for buyers.

With that said, there will be a bit of a wait on each of the new devices. With a price of just $99, the TWS NB2 Pro earbuds won't be available until March. Buyers should expect the same launch timeframe for the GM5 true wireless earbuds as well. Albeit at a lower price point of just $79.


Edifier is releasing the Edifier D12 Bluetooth speaker a bit earlier though. That's expected to arrive on February 20 and has also been priced at just $99.