Dell Introduced Three New Monitors Built For The Work From Home Era

dell monitor microsoft teams 2

These new monitors from Dell have a dedicated Microsoft Teams button. As well as buttons for mute and hanging up on calls.

This is perfect for these pandemic times, as we are likely going to be stuck inside for quite a while, still.

Dell’s new monitors come in three sizes, 24-inch FHD, 27-inch QHD and a 34-inch curved WQHD Ultra-wide monitor.


What does the Microsoft Teams button actually do?

The dedicated button for Microsoft Teams, which is below the monitor, on the built-in speaker, will allow users to quickly launch the Teams app and make and/or receive video calls. There will also be hands-free commands supported through the Cortana app and the built-in microphone.

Meaning that instead of finding the app, and then finding the call button within the app, you can just tap the button on your monitor – which is always in the same place.

This is the first trio of monitors we’ve seen with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button. And it likely won’t be the last. We will likely see plenty more throughout CES.

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That’s not all that is special about these monitors though. They also include a 5-megapixel infrared camera that pops up. So you won’t need to worry about getting a slider to cover your webcam when it’s not in use. It does also support Windows Hello.

Dell is also bundling a noise-cancelling microphone along with dual 5W integrated speakers on these monitors.

Finally, Dell has a built-in mode to reduce blue light emissions on these monitors too.


Pricing & Availability

All three of these monitors will launch on February 16, and for pretty respectable prices, considering their specs and features.

The 24-inch Full HD monitor will be available for $519. While the 27-inch QHD model will cost you $719. And finally the 34-inch curved WQHD monitor will cost you $1,149.