Deezer Introduces "Search By Lyrics" Feature To Find Specific Songs

deezer search by lyrics

Ever walked into a coffee shop or bar and heard a nice song that has been stuck to your head. When trying to search for it, all you remember is a few lines of the lyrics, then all you need is the new “Search By Lyrics” feature by Deezer.

Deezer Search by lyrics only wants users to remember a few words of the song that they wish to search and Bam! It will give you all the results matching the lyrics.

Deezer announced this new Search by lyrics feature via an official blog. Notably, as per Deezer, users will be able to make use of this feature, “for all tracks that include sing-along lyrics.”


Apparently, in order to use this feature, users need to remember at least four words of the lyric of the song they wish Deezer to search. This is a good option to look for the songs that you might have forgotten, and all you remember is a few words of the song.

According to Matthieu Gorvan, Deezer’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, this new Deezer Search by lyrics feature will help users search and listen to the songs, quickly and easily.

Notably, the new feature is available currently for the web version of Deezer users. However, in the coming days, it will be available for desktop app users as well.

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Both free and paid Deezer users can use the new ‘search by lyrics’ feature

While Deezer has kept the kids’ profiles out of reach of this new feature, both free and paid Deezer users can make use of this feature on the web version worldwide.

Well, it is understandable why kids profile has been kept out of the support. It is to keep them away from explicit lyrics, which many of the songs are coming up with these days.

As for how many users will benefit from this new feature, Deezer has a subscriber base of a little less than 10 million listeners. Thanks to the continuous improvement to the product, Deezer could soon see a rise in the user base.


But they need to heavily invest their resources in podcasts. This is the area where Deezer is considerably falling behind the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and even Amazon Music.

If you wish to use this Deezer search by lyrics feature, then you need to simply head over to the search bar. Then type in at least the four words from the song’s lyrics. Deezer will do the rest and will produce the desired results.