Cync Indoor Camera From GE's Smart Home Brand Shows Expansion Beyond Lighting

GE Lighting C by GE Sol Wifi Connected Smart Light Fixture with Amazon Alexa 1

GE is growing its smart home brand with the Cync Indoor Camera. Engadget has reported that GE is expanding beyond lighting and making this smart security camera. In addition to these expansions, GE will change the name from C by GE to just Cync. This could prove to be a better name due to it being simpler.

Last spring GE and Savant finished a deal that saw GE selling its lighting business to Savant. Savant is a veteran in the smart home market so GE’s lighting business is in good hands. Now, GE Lighting will again ditch the C by GE name for the simpler Cync. Cync will now cover a range of indoor and outdoor smart home gadgets.

The new Cync Indoor Camera will focus on privacy. The Cync Indoor Camera will allow users to have more control over their data compared to other smart cameras. One way of doing this is a privacy shutter that will cover the lens and mutes audio.


Now the camera will absolutely offer a cloud video service. But, the ability to record video to a microSD card will let users store their video locally instead of in the cloud. This will allow users to be in control of their video instead of entrusting their video to a cloud service. Cloud services are no stranger to being hacked.

GE Lighting has other products coming besides the Cync Indoor Camera

For consumers interested in having control over their own data the Cync Indoor Camera will be available in May. However, pricing is still unknown. In addition to this new indoor camera, GE Lighting will also introduce other smart home products.

One will be a smart thermostat that is in the works which GE Lighting did not go further in-depth on. There will also be a Cync Outdoor Smart Plug which will allow consumers to control two outlets. This could come in handy for outdoor items that run on electricity like a fountain for example. With the Cync app or by using Alexa or Google Assistant users will be able to control this smart plug.


There will also be a Cync Fan Speed Smart Switch which will let users control fans. This control will allow users to control without the need for a dedicated smart hub. This will include scheduling and grouping with other devices. This device is due to launch in June.

If you have the C by GE app its name will not change to Cync until March. Along with the name change, a new feature will come to the app. The new feature will preview lighting changes based on a photo of your room.

Cync looks to be a good alternative to other smart home platforms on the market. If all of their products put a strong focus on privacy and give users the ability to control their data, then Cync could be on the right track. If you are a consumer who is focused on privacy keep your eyes open for Cync’s upcoming products.