Feast Your Eyes On This PS5 That Comes With A Custom PS2 Design

Sony PS5 4

Have a look at this brand-new PS5 that comes with a custom design which is inspired by the PS2. A company going by the name of SUP3R5 has sprung up and is going to be selling custom versions of Sony's newest game console.

As this is a custom PS5 that was inspired by the design of the PS2, the panels that pop off the side of the console are black. And the DualSense controller is black to match it.

That being said, Sony is almost certainly going to be shutting this operation down. It's likely just a matter of when. So if you plan to purchase one of these, proceed with caution for numerous reasons.


You can have your chance at a custom PS2-themed PS5 on January 8

Just can't wait to get your hands on a PS5 with a different design from Sony officially? Well then you will have a chance to snag one of these on January 8. According to the company's twitter, pre-orders will open up on January 8 at 12PM PST.

That's this coming Thursday. Which means you have just a few days to prepare your attempt to buy one. There are some things you should consider though before plopping down the cash needed to get these. The cost is $650 for the console with one controller and $100 for a controller by itself.

One is that these will be available in extremely limited runs. There are only going to be 304 of them made (500 for the controller). To commemorate the release date of the PS2 which was March 4 of 2000. Or rather, converted, as the company calls it. Because it's not actually making the consoles, it's just converting the design to look like the PS2 a little bit.

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In addition to that, there are no refunds allowed on these purchases. Though the company does note it can make exceptions at its own discretion. Still, that doesn't leave consumers with the utmost confidence in letting go of this much money.

Your controller warranty is voided

The biggest thing to consider is that you'll be losing your warranty on the DualSense if you pick one of these converted ones up. SUP3R5 claims that they have to completely disassemble the DualSense controller to complete the conversion.

Which will void the warranty. And since there's no refunds, if something goes wrong with your controller later on even if it is still within the warranty time frame, you're out of luck and will probably have to buy a new one.


There are some cool details that are worthy of appreciation in regards to this design. For instance, there's an old-school colored PlayStation logo beneath the power button. Which isn't there on the original PS5. As this is another throwback to the PS2 which did have one of these logos.

The DualSense controller also comes with the iconic coloring of the action buttons and the PlayStation logo. So there's definitely some nostalgia here for those that had a PS2.

With all of that said, you're probably better off saving your money for a proper PS5 that comes from Sony. There's no guarantee that these "converted" consoles will ever see the light of day. And $650 is a lot of money to toss down the toilet should these end up being fake.


All-in-all, if you want to try your luck at getting one of these, you can find a link on SUP3R5's twitter.