Chrome 88 Will Bring Improved Password Protection

chrome 88 password protection

In an official blog, Google on Tuesday announced a bunch of new features for Chrome 88. The features apparently work on improving password protection on Chrome 88 and also add a flag for tab search.

The main focal point of the new Chrome 88 is the improved password protections. A pile of new password protection feature has been added. One of the new features allows users to easily fix weak passwords.

We often have a tendency not to change passwords regularly or even have a strong password. Chrome 88 will now identify when a password is weak and will remind Chrome users to create a password which is not easy as 123.


Moreover, this update also brings convenience in updating multiple usernames and passwords. Users will be able to manage or change their saved passwords, all in one place.

You simply need to head over to Chrome settings and tap the new "Edit password" dialogue under the 3-dot menu on desktop or iOS. Besides, this feature will soon arrive for Android users, according to Google.

Google, in the past, has pushed several updates that improved password-security. The new Chrome 88 also aims to improve further on this front.

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These features on Chrome 88 will start rolling out in the coming weeks

Amidst the flurry of password-protection based features, Chrome 88 will also get tons of bug fixes and enhancements. This includes improved dark mode support on Windows 10, less interrupting permission requests, etc.

Additionally, a new flag for Chrome Tab Search is also introduced. Notably, this feature is already available on Chromebooks. Furthermore, Google Chrome will no longer support FTP URLs.

There are some other big under the hood changes that Google is introducing with Chrome 88. One of which is the changes to the Digital Goods API which allows using Play Store billing with web apps published in the Google Play Store.


In the official blog, Google stated that that beginning in 2021, it will change how extensions access the data and what all permissions an extension uses when installed.

Google Chrome will provide users with more transparency about the data usage of an extension. This will help users decide if they want to keep the extensions installed.

Google says that all these new features with Chrome 88 will be available for all users via an update in the coming weeks. So, you need to look out for a new update to keep your passwords secure.


So, we expect Google to push more password protection and safety features to roll out for Chrome in 2021.