CBS All Access Rebrands To Paramount Plus On March 4

paramount plus logo design

The CBS All Access rebrand is happening on March 4, and it will become Paramount Plus.

ViacomCBS is planning a special event on February 24 to announce the new service.

It'll launch in Latin America on March 4, with the Nordics getting Paramount Plus on March 25. And Australia will get it in mid-2021.


ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish had already announced in September that CBS All Access would become Paramount Plus in 2021. So this rebrand shouldn't come as a surprise. But we are still waiting some more details on this rebranding. The name Paramount is a bit weird in the US, as it is not as popular as CBS. However in other countries, where Paramount is used a lot, it is far more popular. And likely the reason why ViacomCBS went with that name. Additionally, Paramount is no Disney or Warner Bros.

What will be available on Paramount Plus?

After the Viacom and CBS merger, the merged company had big plans for CBS All Access. Really revamping it to be a more impressive streaming service, while still maintaining a relatively cheap price tag.

Paramount Plus will come with a number of new originals, including The Offer, which is a 10-episode scripted miniseries, a new iterations of MTV's Behind The Music. BET will be reviving The Game. And there will be 30,000 additional episodes and movies from ViacomCBS's vast library.

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Keep in mind that ViacomCBS does own BET, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central to name a few. However, this is going to make things a bit confusing, since BET+ does indeed exist. One has to wonder if everything on BET+ will be folded into Paramount Plus, and if BET+ will continue to exist come March.

Hopefully we'll get answers to those questions and much more on February 24, when ViacomCBS has their big announcement for Paramount Plus. Which is expected to be a two-hour live stream.