Best Of CES 2021: TCL 6-Series TVs

tcl 6 series best of ces 2021 AH

The TCL 6-Series will probably be the 8K TV you’ll want to buy, and thus it has earned a Best Of CES award

TCL revamped its 6-Series TVs at CES this week, which has become a pretty popular series in its lineup in recent years. It was the first to add Quantum Dot, and then last year, it was upgraded to MiniLED. But this year, the 6-Series is getting 8K. And TCL is looking to bring its strategy of being price aggressive on TVs, up to the 8K TV range.

What’s impressive is that TCL is keeping the 4K 6-Series around. So you won’t be stuck with only getting 8K if you want a TCL 6-Series TV.

TCL added third-generation MiniLED technology too

The TCL 6-Series didn’t just get 8K at CES this year. It is also getting third-generation MiniLED technology. Which is going to make for an even better picture on these impressive looking TVs.


This is called OD Zero, and it will use up to tens of thousands of LEDs with thousands of contrast zones in a backlight layer. This is going to enable TVs to become even thinner and also offer better brightness and screen uniformity. Basically, it’s going to be better than ever.

TCL wants to make 8K more accessible

It’s still early for 8K technology. Seeing as most 8K TVs are still several thousands of dollars. But TCL is looking to make 8K more accessible to the masses. Don’t expect it to be cheap, or anywhere near the price of 4K TVs. But, the TCL 6-Series TVs should be the cheapest 8K TVs available in 2021.

8K content is still pretty scarce right now, but expect that to change in the coming months and years. As more and more people get 8K TVs. It’s taken almost a decade, but now most content is shot in 4K, as most people now have a 4K display. Whether that is a TV, monitor or another display.


TCL has made a name for itself by selling Roku Smart TVs at pretty low prices, without giving users a terrible experience. It has done the same with QLED and MiniLED – also in the 6-Series line. And that seems to be what TCL is looking to do with 8K.

That is why the TCL 6-Series 8K TVs are worthy of getting a Best Of CES award this year.