Best Of CES 2021: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

best of ces 2021 galaxy s21 ultra

Samsung went beyond epic with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and it shows

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S21 series at Unpacked, surprisingly at CES 2021. And the Galaxy S21 Ultra is worthy of getting our Best Of CES 2021 award this year, because it checks all of the boxes. It sports the highest-end specs, as well as a new and improved camera, and a bold new design.

Many believe that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is already a contender for smartphone of the year, and we are barely two weeks into the new year. Now that’s saying something.

Samsung’s new bold style on full display

In the past several years, Samsung has made some massive changes to its design and style of its smartphones. Moving from using cheaper materials, to glass, and then iterating on that glass design almost every year since the Galaxy S8.


The big change on the design front this year, is actually the camera module. It is still a camera bump, but it actually looks like it is part of the phone, and not something that was tacked on at the last minute. It flows really nicely into the design of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung calls it the “Contour cut camera” and it does blend rather seamlessly into the back of the phone.

The first smartphone in the US with the Snapdragon 888 5G

The Galaxy S21 Ultra (and the entire S21 series) is the first smartphone to release in the US, with the Snapdragon 888 5G chipset. That is the latest and greatest silicon from Qualcomm. It’s a 5nm chipset, which is a first for Galaxy. That is going to provide better performance, while also offering up better power consumption. So that 5000mAh capacity battery can last even longer.


While the Galaxy S21 Ultra does have a number of other great features available, performance is still going to be impressive. It’ll be the snappiest smartphone on the market.

These are just some of the reasons why the Galaxy S21 Ultra is worthy of a Best of CES 2021 award.