Best Of CES 2021: Roborock S7

roborock s7 best of ces 2021 AH

Roborock S7 brings plenty of upgrades, making it worthy of a Best Of CES 2021 award

The first virtual CES is all but over at this point, and it’s time to hand out awards. Without question, the Roborock S7 is worthy of earning a Best Of CES award from AndroidHeadlines.

The Roborock S7 is the newest robot vacuum from the company, and it brings a lot of upgrades. Making the best (in our opinion) robot vacuum even better. That includes VibraRise technology, increased suction, and in the future, there will be an auto-empty dock. Among many other features.

VibraRise technology is brilliant

VibraRise is a pretty simple feature in the Roborock S7. Essentially, it lifts the mop up when it is on carpet. That way it isn’t continuing to spread water all over your carpeted floors. Which could cause a mess.


In addition to that, VibraRise will also lift the mop up off the ground when it is heading back to the dock. So that your clean floors don’t get wet once again.

It’s pretty simple, but genius. But it’s not the only mopping feature that the S7 brings.

The S7 brings high-intensity scrubbing. Upping the scrubbing from around 1650 times per minute, to over 3000 times per minute. That is going to allow the Roborock S7 to clean up even dried on messes on your floors.


It’ll work with the auto-empty dock in the future

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Roborock S7, is the upcoming auto-empty dock. This will allow the S7 to automatically empty its dustbin while it is docked. So you will no longer need to remember to empty the dustbin.

The auto-empty dustbin won’t be included with the S7, and that is because Roborock is looking to make this dock available for all future robot vacuums. Which means that they won’t be releasing many different docks, like a certain other company.

The Roborock S7 will be available in March for $649.


These are some of the many reasons why the Roborock S7 has earned our Best Of CES 2021 award.