Best Of CES 2021: Lockly Duo

AH Lockly Duo CES award badge

The Lockly Duo is one of the most advanced smart locks we’ve seen to date, if not at the top of that list

A company called ‘Lockly’ announced a new product at this year’s CES, the Lockly Duo smart lock. We’ve decided to hand the company one of our awards for it, as it’s a really impressive device. The Lockly Duo is easily one of the most advanced smart locks to date. This company managed to get our attention last year, with the Lockly Vision, and the Lockly Duo managed to do the same this year.

The Lockly Duo is a two-in-one latch and deadbolt smart lock, which is what makes it most interesting. This single device combines two security features into one. The company is actually in the process of patenting the Dual-Locking Technology that it is using in this smart lock. We’ll talk about it more down below.


Dual-Locking Technology for the win

Why is Lockly’s Dual-Locking Technology so impressive? Well, for the sheer fact it combines the aforementioned security features into one device. You basically get all the benefits in one device, and no drawbacks. The Dual-Locking Technology secures both the latch and deadbolt in one single motion. So, all you basically need to do, is close your door, and lift the latch upward, that’s it.

What if your door has separate locks for deadbolt and doorknob? Well, that’s not a problem at all, that’s where Lockly Duo shines the most. Instead of unlocking both of those separately, this device will do it at the same time. Once you install this product, you’re good to go, and won’t have to unlock each separately.

Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa support

You can even enable Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support on this smart lock. You’ll need to pair this smart lock with the Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub, and you’re good to go. Lockly uses a 3D biometric fingerprint scanner to maximize security on this smart lock. Some of you are probably wondering what happens if a guest comes to visit. Well, that’s not a problem, as you can provide him / her with an Offline Access Code that they can use on the keypad.


Yes, the Lockly Duo comes with a digital keypad. It actually uses Lockly’s Pin Genie tech, which is a hack-proof security layer that moves the numbers around on the screen, so that people around you can’t guess what you’re typing based on your hand movements. Now, every time someone opens the door, you’ll be notified via the app. Entering your house, through the door, will be impossible without you knowing about it.

Nice-looking and easy to install

Some people may be reluctant to get a smart lock mainly because it needs to be installed. It’s a process that many people are put off by. Well, you can always hire a professional, but that’s not necessary here. The company claims that pretty much anyone can install this smart lock, as long as we’re talking about standard doors. The company designed it that way, to be easy to install.

This smart lock also looks really nice. We haven’t had a chance to check it out in person just yet, but it looks great. You’ll even see the keypad we’ve talked about in a featured image, and the fingerprint-scanning area below it. Lockly has announced two color variants for this product, the Matte Black and Satin Nickel options. And yeah, physical keys are included, so even if the batteries die, you’ll be able to enter your home without a problem.