Belkin Announces The Soundform Freedom Earbuds At CES 2021

belkin soundform featured

CES 2021 is officially underway, and companies around the world are revealing their products. Belkin has also joined the bandwagon and introduced the Soundform Freedom earbuds.

Notably, Belkin is a brand that is known for things like routers and surge protectors. But with the launch of Soundform Freedom earbuds, Belkin surely is branching out.

The newly introduced Belkin Soundform Freedom earbuds are sweatproof, slick, and boast a long-lasting battery. On top of all this, the Belkin Soundform Freedom earbuds come with built-in noise cancellation.


According to a new report by Android Central, these new earbuds adopt a similar stem-like design which was made popular by the Apple AirPods.

Good thing is that Belkin has introduced swappable ear tips. This would ensure a better fit and sound isolation. In fact, sound isolation is one of the key factors in providing that rich sound quality, especially the lower notes.

The long-lasting battery adds cherry to the cake. Belkin claims that the battery is powerful enough to give you 8 hours of listening time at a stretch. Moreover, you can get 20 extra hours with the charging case.

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Belkin Soundform Freedom will go on sale from March & April 2021

The Soundform Freedom truly wireless earbuds come with a charging case that supports Qi wireless charging. For wired charging, there is a USB Type-C port.

Additionally, you can get around 2 hours of charge from keeping the buds for 15 minutes inside the case. These earbuds also feature high-quality built-in noise cancellation and Qualcomm's QCC3046 chipset for better call quality.

The IPX5 water resistance certification gives you the freedom to use the earbuds at the gym without worrying about your sweat damaging the Soundform Freedom earbuds.


Belkin Soundform Freebuds comes with full compatibility with Appleā€™s Find My program. Meaning that you can use an iOS device to locate your lost or stolen earbuds via the application.

There is an environmental noise cancellation feature as well. This would ensure that your music listening is not hampered by the hustling and bustling noise of the environment.

As far as colors are concerned, Belkin will have these earbuds in two colors, i.e. Black and White. Sadly, there are no flashy color options. The company is yet to specify when this product will be up for sale. Well, as of now, it is touted to come in March and April.


Pricing of the Soundform Freedom earbuds has not been revealed. However, taking a look at the specifications, it is likely to sport mid-range pricing. So, expect it to cost around $180-$200.