AT&T Claims The Fastest 5G Going Into 2021, According To Ookla

ATT phone logo 03 DG AH 2020

T-Mobile has long-claimed the widest-spread 5G network but it can’t be AT&T when it comes to being the fastest around. At least not according to a recent announcement from the company. The report, pooling data from well-known data speed testing company Ookla, showcasing its position as the fastest in terms of median speed. In effect, making it consistently the fastest 5G company for its overall customer base.

As noted by the carrier, the designation marks the second year running that it’s had the fastest network. This year, the company managed an average median download speed of 79.6Mbps. That’s compared to 71.5Mbps from the joint T-Mobile and Sprint venture.

There’s an even bigger gap between AT&T and Verizon. Verizon has consistently had the fastest mmWave 5G but that’s not widespread. It only just started rolling its sub-6 6 network and that network hasn’t been any faster than its 4G in some tests. According to Ookla, Verizon hits median speeds of around 60.4Mbps.


Having the fastest 5G for Q4 2020 isn’t the only milestone here for AT&T

AT&T also claims the distinction as the fastest of the carriers for iPhone users, specifically, since 2019 in its announcement. That’s based on Ookla data as well.

The company claims that the improvements its seen are the result of bigger-than-ever-investments too. According to the service provider, it’s spent billions of dollars to roll out its network in its current state. Its network now reaches more than 14,000 cities and towns and its mmWave 5G+ reaches 38 cities. Albeit to a lesser extent in terms of overall coverage. And it plans to keep growing on that.

What’s the future look like for AT&T?

Now, AT&T hasn’t detailed its plans for 2021 with too much information at this point. But the company closed out its announcement with a statement from EVP-Technology Operations Chris Sambar. Mr. Sambar indicates that he and AT&T believe that they have the “best and most innovative engineers” in the industry. And they plan to utilize those worker’s talents to “continue to lead the competition.”