Aromeo Sense Announced As Modern Wellness Device For Your Bedroom

Aromeo Sense

The gadgets keep on coming to CES 2021. Miscato Limited announced a new sleep and relaxation device – Aromeo Sense. Aromeo Sense according to the company, is a modern wellness device for your bedroom.

Miscato claims that Aromeo Sense will change the ambience in your bedroom using a synergy of aroma, light and music. The three-in-device integrates an aroma diffuser, mood lighting and a music app to create different ambience settings for the same space.

Aromeo Sense is their second IoT product after Aromeo Alpha, a smart portable aroma diffuser, which was launched in 2019. For this new device, there is a diffuser body that provides waterless diffusion of 3 natural fragrance pods. Miscato claims that ingredients are 100% botanical ingredients and non-toxic.



For changing ambient light the Aromeo Sense uses a 40-LED light right around the diffuser body. This light ring features 20 base colors and 6 animations. In addition, there are a lot of color gradient possibilities with the RGB LED lighting – a color for every mood I guess.

Finally, for music, there are curated music therapy playlists that can be played via the Aromeo App. You can schedule sessions and also customize settings for each of the three functions via the app. And since it is an IoT device it works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.


Three preset modes on Aromeo Sense – one each for sleeping, relaxing, or working

To operate the device requires one tap on the button. The oval ring provides a multi-colored light. To adjust the lighting there is a press key on the back.  The main body of the Aromeo Sense consists of an anodized aluminum diffuser that accommodates the 3 natural fragrance pods. To insert the pods, tilt the light right which opens the diffuser.  The app provides additional controls for fine tuning each setting.

Aromeo Sense Lighting 1

Aromeo Sense comes with three modules from the factory: Sleep, Relax, and Focus. At night, Sleep Module allows you to sleep peacefully by diffusing essential oils in coordination with a dimming sunset glow and soothing music. By contrast, in the morning, instead of waking up to nasty alarm sounds, you will wake up to an energizing scent with glowing sunrise light and energizing music.


The Relax Module encourages you to breathe better with a breathing light ring (inhale vs exhale) and creates a sandy beach ambiance via a tropical scent and soothing ocean wave sounds. And finally the Focus Module uses focus-intensifying aromas, alertness-boosting blue light, and uplifting music. Supposedly this should help you concentrate and improve your productivity as we continue working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aromeo Sense is available via Indiegogo and is fully funded as of November 2020. A set of Aromeo Sense with the fragrance pods is available for $99.