Android 11 Ignores Game Controller Input For Some Users

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Galaxy Note 20

For those looking to take your gaming on the go with Android 11 and a physical controller, you may be disappointed. 9to5Google reports that Android 11 ignores game controller input. Users noticed this problem happening, and unfortunately, it is still happening.

Over on Google’s Issue Tracker, there is a support thread created back in August 2020. This thread comes right before the official final Android 11 release. The thread explains that Android 11 ignores game controller input. However, Android 11 is the only version suffering from this.

The problem is happening across various models across various manufacturers. The Google Pixel phones, the Samsung Galaxy S20FE, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and even some OnePlus devices are affected. All of these devices have Android 11 on them when they experience this issue.


This problem is truly annoying. The issue actually affects local and streaming options for games. Unfortunately, streaming is very prevalent and increasing in popularity. That makes things difficult when you want to stream your favorite new game, but have no controller input.

Android 11 Ignores Game Controller Inputs. Could Kill Your Highscore

Some examples of streaming services affected are Stadia, GeForce Now, and Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass really suffers from this. Microsoft and Samsung partner heavily when it comes to Xbox Game Pass, so this is an interesting issue.

Luckily, for all of the Stadia players, there is some good news. For players using the official Stadia Controller, you will be perfectly fine. The Stadia Controller bypasses a connection to the Android device it is being used with. Thankfully Google acknowledges this problem according to XDA.


Google did acknowledge the issue before Android 11’s final release. But the search giant does not have a fix for tissue yet. As of this moment, it is unclear what causes this bug. The issue isn’t affecting all applications or users.

One theory is that the problem affects apps installed with an accessibility service. For example, a button remapper app. A temporary fix for this is to disable apps such as this. You can also tweak the accessibility options. Unfortunately, this may work but only as a temporary fix.

Android 11 released back in September 2020 and as usual, the new update is hitting devices at different times. Some manufacturers will send their updates out at different times. This means these issues will steadily affect random users as the update continues to roll out. Hopefully, Google squashes this bug soon, so users can get their game on.